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Boris Yeltsin
First President of the Russian Federation
(1931- )

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The West has not lived through totalitarianism with a single ideology for 70 years. We are escaping from the burden of the past, and only after we have done that will we be ready to integrate with Europe -- and Europe needs Russia.
-- Addressing socialist MPs in Strasbourg, France, 15 April 1991

You can make a throne of bayonets, but you can't sit on it for long.
-- During attempted military coup against Gorbachev. Quoted in Independent, 24 August 1991

Europe has not yet freed itself from the heritage of the Cold War and is in danger of plunging into a Cold Peace.
-- Quoted in: Independent, 6 December 1994

We are still too dependent upon dachas, cars, special government telephone lines, and armored doors -- the prerequisites of power.
-- Boris Yeltsin, in: The View from the Kremlin (Catherine A. Fitzpatrick, tr. 1994)

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