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Nick Xenophon
South Australian barrister, anti-gambling campaigner and politician
(1959- )

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In Australia there are not limits on what you can believe but there are limits on how you can behave. It's called the law, and no one is above it.
-- Speech on Scientology in the Australian Senate, 17 November 2009. Quoted in the article "Science or ficiton?" (by Natasha Bita), The Australian (newspaper), 20 November 2009

Do you want Australian tax exemptions to be supporting an organisation that coerces its followers into having abortions? Do you want to be supporting an organisation that defrauds, that blackmails, that falsely imprisons? Because on the balance of evidence provided by victims of Scientology you probably are.
-- Speech on Scientology in the Australian Senate, 17 November 2009. Quoted in "Scientology a 'criminal organisation'". ABC News, 18 November 2009.

I don't know if I am a very good politician … I'm not a good hater.
-- Quoted in the article "From brash Young Liberal to Senate linchpin for Nick Xenophon" (by Jamie Walker), The Australian. 28 June 2008.

I regularly see constituents, speak to people who feel let down by the justice system quite fundamentally, and these are people who don't make the headlines. These are people who have felt that their sense their grief, their sense of injustice has been compounded by a system that just doesn't work, that just doesn't listen to victims, that effectively disempowers them all too often.
-- "Legal eagles discuss justice system". Stateline program (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), 13 May 2005.

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