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(full name: Publius Terentius Afer)
Ancient Roman comic dramatist
(c. 190 - 159 BC)

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Id arbitror
Adprime in vita esse utile, ut nequid nimis.

My view is that the golden rule in life is never to have too much of anything.
-- Andria, line 60

Hancillae lacrimae.
Hence these tears.
-- Andria, line 126

Amantium irae amoris integratio est.
Lovers' quarrels are the renewal of love.
-- Andria, line 555

Nullumst iam dictum quod no dictum sit prius.
Nothing can be said now that has not been said before.
-- Eunuchus, prologue, line 41
Compare: La Bruyère, Les caractères ou les moeurs de ce siècle (1688): Tout est dit, l'on vient trop tard depuis de sept mille ans qu'il ya des hommes et qui pensent [Everything has been said already; we come too late after more than seven thousand years in which men have lived and thought.]

Homo sum; humani nil a me alienum puto.
I am a man; I regard nothing that is human alien to me.
-- Heauton Timoreumonos, line 77

Modo liceat vivere, est spes.
Where there's life, there's hope.
-- Heauton Timoreumonos, line 980

Fortis fortuna adiuvat.
Fortune assists the brave.
-- Phomio, line 203
Virgil, Aeneid:
Audentis Fortuna iuvat.
Fortune assists the bold. Fortune favours the brave.

Nil est dictu facilius.
Nothing is easier to say.
-- Phomio, line 300

Quot homines tot sententiae: suus cuique mos.
There are as many opinions as there are people: each has his own point of view.
-- Phomio, line 454

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