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(full name: Cornelius Tacitus)
Ancient Roman senator and historian
(AD c. 56 - c. 117)

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Haud semper erat fama.
(Rumour is not always wrong.)
-- Tacitus, in: Agricola

Solitudinem faciunt pacem appellant.
(They make it a wilderness and call it peace.)
-- Tacitus, speaking of the destruction of war, in: Agricola

Proprium humani ingenii est odisse quem laeseris.
(It is part of human nature to hate the person you have hurt.)
-- Tacitus, in: Agricola

Elegantiae arbiter
(The arbiter of taste)
-- Tacitus, speaking of Petronius, in: Annals

Experientia docuit
(Experience has taught.)
-- Tacitus, in: The Histories

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The selection of the above quotes and the writing of the accompanying notes was performed by the author David Paul Wagner.

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