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Greek dramatist
(c. 496 - 406 BC)

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Woman, silence makes a woman beautiful.
-- Ajax, line 293

My son, may you prove happier than your father.
-- Ajax, line 550

Of wonders there are many, but none more wonderful than man.
-- Antigone, line 333

Love, invincible in battle.
-- Antigone, line 781

Death is not the greatest of ills; it is worse to want to die, and not be able to.
-- Electra, line 1007

Not to be born is, past all prizing, best.
-- Oedipus Coloneus, line 1225

You are blind in your ears and mind as well as in your eyes.
-- Oedipus Tyrannus, line 370

When I do not understand, I like to say nothing.
-- Oedipus Tyrannus, line 569

So do not fear this marriage with your mother;
Many a man has suffered this before --
But only in his dreams.
-- Oedipus Tyrannus, line 977

Quotes about Sophocles

Sophocles said that he portrayed men as they ought to be, but Euripides portrayed them as they are.
-- Aristotle, Poetics, 25

Someone asked Sophocles: 'How is your sex life now? Are you still able to have a woman?' He repllied: 'Hush, man; most gladly indeed am I rid of it all, as though I had escaped from a mad and savage master.'
-- Plato, Republic, Book 1, 329b

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