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Greek lyric poet
(Late 7th century BC)

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Some say an army of infantry or of cavalry or a fleet of ships is the most beautiful thing on the black earth. But I say it is whatever one loves.
-- D. L. Page, ed., Lyrica Graeca Selecta (1968), no. 16

That man seems to me on a par with the gods who sits in your company and listens to you so close to him speaking sweetly and laughing sexily, such a thing makes my heart flutter in my breast, for when I see you even for a moment, then power to speak fails me, instead my tongue freezes into silence, and at once a gentle fire has caught throughout my flesh, and I see nothing with my eyes, and there's a drumming in my ears, and sweat falls down me, and trembling seizes all of me, and I become paler than grass, and I seem to fail almost to the point of death in my very self.
-- D. L. Page, ed., Lyrica Graeca Selecta (1968), no. 199

Just as the sweet apple reddens on the high branch, high on the highest, and the apple pickers missed it, or rather did not miss it out, but dared not reach it.
-- Of a girl before her marriage, in: D. L. Page, ed., Lyrica Graeca Selecta (1968), no. 224

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The selection of the above quotes and the writing of the accompanying notes was performed by the author David Paul Wagner.

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