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Gareth Powell
Welsh-born Australian publisher, journalist, author and editor

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"Photographing naked women in the wild is always fraught with difficulty. Finding a quiet, private location can be a problem. Just after this shot was taken on a banked up stretch of the Wollondilly River, a drover with 300 sheep passed by. The sheep didn’t take any notice of the model, but I can’t say the same for the man on the horse."
-- Gareth Powell, quoted on fo95 Blog

They [the Australian Customs Department] might also make their decisions on a quantitative basis.

For instance, there are 19 nudes in the banned issue. It might be that the Customs will decide that anything with over 19 nudes should be stopped in future.

-- Gareth Powell, after Australia's Customs Department had seized 30,000 copies of an issue of Powell's magazine, Chance International, and after Australia's Equity Court subsequently decided not to admit that issue to Australia. In: "Second thoughts on censorship", in: Sydney Morning Herald, 6 November 1968, p. 6.

I think there may be some difference of opinion between England and Australia's opinion of contemporary morality, which a really sharp, trained mind might just be able to distinguish.

-- Gareth Powell, on whether he would be able to ship the 30,000 copies of the banned issue of Chance International to England if they could be extricated from Australia's Customs Department. In: "Second thoughts on censorship", in: Sydney Morning Herald, 6 November 1968, p. 6.

Computers are getting better at translating languages -- but they still have a long way to go. The test is to put in a sentence, have it translated into another language and have it translated back again. 'From the heart of Asia' -- the slogan of an airline -- was fed into a computer. It came back as 'From Asia's blood pump'. 'The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak' came back as 'The drinks are strong, but the meat is rotten' and 'Out of sight, out of mind' became 'Blind idiot'.
-- My Friend Arnold's Book of Personal Computers (1990)

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