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Aleksandr Ostrovsky
Russian playwright

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To pronounce something clever and honest is not such a big deal, lots of them have been said and written. For a statement of truth to be effective and for it to make people wiser, it has to be filtered through the soul of a highest quality, the soul of an artist.
-- Quoted in: Lakshin, Vladimir (1982). "Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky". Iskusstvo, Moscow. Life in Art series.

the elemental poetic force emerging from secret depths of a human soul... for Katerina's love is a woman's nature thing exactly in the way that any of climactic cataclysm is a thing of physical nature
-- Vasily Botkin on Ostrovsky's play The Storm (sometimes also known as The Thunderstorm) (1859)

A gesture turns into gymnastics, rage is expressed through a somersault, exaltation through a salto-mortale, lyricism by a run along a tightrope. The grotesque of this style permitted leaps from one type of expression to another, as well as unexpected intertwinings of the two expressions.
-- Director Sergei Eisenstein on his staging of Ostrovsky's Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man (1888)

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