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Napoleon Bonaparte
(also known as: Napoleon; Napoleon I)
French general and Emperor

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Soldiers, think that from the summit of these pyramids, forty centuries look down upon you.
-- Speech to the Army of Egypt before the Battle of the Pyramids, 1798

China? There lies a sleeping giant. Let him sleep! For when he wakes he will move the world.
-- Napoleon Bonaparte, c. 1800, attributed

A nation must have a religion, and that religion must be under the control of the government.
-- Napoleon Bonaparte, 1801

It [the Channel] is a mere ditch, and will be crossed as soon as someone has the courage to attempt it.
-- Napoleon Bonaparte, 1803

I want the whole of Europe to have one currency; it will make trading much easier.
-- Napoleon Bonaparte, 1807

In war, three-quarters turns on morale; the balance of manpower and materials counts only for the remaining quarter.
-- Napoleon Bonaparte, 1808

There is only one step from the sublime to the ridiculous.
-- After the retreat from Moscow in 1812

An army marches on its stomach.
-- Napoleon Bonaparte, 1816, attributed

England is a nation of shopkeepers.
-- During his exile in Elba

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