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Robert Fisk
English writer and journalist
(1946- )

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They were everywhere, in the road, in laneways, in backyards and broken rooms, beneath crumpled masonry and across the top of garbage tips. The murderers -- the Christian militiamen whom Israel had let into the camp to 'flush out the terrorists' fourteen hours before -- had only just left. In some cases the blood was still wet on the ground. When we had seen a hundred bodies we stopped counting.

Even twenty-four hours after the massacre of the Palestinians at Chatila, no one was sure how many had been killed there. Down every alleyway were corpses -- women, young men, babies and grandparents -- lying together in lazy and terrible profusion where they had been knifed or machine-gunned to death.
-- " 'It was the Christians': The Massacre at Chatila", 16-17 September 1982, in: The Times, 20 September 1982

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