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Carlos Fuentes
Mexican novelist, playwright, critic, and diplomat
(1928- )

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I am an artist. The pleasure of the flesh robs strength from my artistic vocation. I prefer to feel my sexual juices flow toward a painting, wash over it, fertilize it, realize it; the delights of the flesh castrate me, the delights of art satisfy me.
-- Terra Nostra (1976)

To be a gringo in Mexico... ah, that is euthanasia.
-- The Old Gringo (1985)

"What America does best is to understand itself well. What it does worst is to understand others."
-- Quoted in: Time, 16 January 1986)

"High on the agenda for the 21st century will be the need to restore some sort of tragic consciousness."
-- Quoted in: The Agenda for the 21st Century (by Rushworth M. Kidder) (1986)

By its very nature the novel indicates that we are becoming. There is no final solution. There is no last word."
-- Quoted in: Guardian, 24 February 1989

If the Soviet Union can give up the Brezhnev Doctrine for the Sinatra Doctrine, the United States can give up the James Monroe Doctrine for the Marilyn Monroe Doctrine. Let's all go to bed wearing the perfume we like best.
-- Quoted in: The Times (London), 12 February 1990

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