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Akbar the Great
Third Mughal Emperor

Akbar the Great (image)

Akbar the Great

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Akbar the Great (1542-1602) was one of India's Muslim Mughal emperors.

He took power 1560, he succeeded in estaoblishing Mughal control across most of north India. He built a new capital at Fatepur Sikri.

Akbar respected all religions and in his imperial court he permitted the observance of the religious festivals of the various religions. He tried to have friendly relations with the Hindus living in his empire and permitted Hindus to hold high positions in his administration.

"His Majesty [Akbar] looks upon fruits as one of the greatest gifts of the Creator, and pays much attention to them. The horticulturalists of Iran and Turan [Transoxiana] have, therefore, settled there, and the cultivation of trees is in a flourishing state."

-- Abul Fazl, Ain-i-Akbari (Regulations of Akbar), c. 1590

"His majesty [Akbar] plans splendid edifices ... Thus mighty fortresses have been raised, which protect the timid, frighten the rebellious, and please the obedient..."

-- Abul Fazl, Ain-i-Akbari (Regulations of Akbar), c. 1590

"From reasons for auspiciousness, and as an opportunity for bestowing presents upon the poor, his majesty [Akbar] is weighed twice a year. Various articles are put in the scales."

-- Abul Fazl, Ain-i-Akbari (Regulations of Akbar), c. 1590 (this quote refers to the practice of weighing the Emperor Akhabr twice yearly, with gold and silver being used to balance the scales, and with the gold and silver being then distributed to the needy)

The Mughal Throne: The Saga of India's Great EmperorsThe Mughal Throne: The Saga of India's Great Emperors "This is a fascinating book involving a fascintating period in the history of India. During the heyday of Mughal rule, India was one of the world's leading civilizations. Here was an elite that ruled intelligently (at least at first), allowing Moslem and Hindu worship freely and equally and producing some of the great monuments of civilization, the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort, and the city constructed by one of the emperors, Akbar, Fatehpur Sikri." -- M. A. Newman

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