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Christopher Isherwood
English novelist

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I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking.
-- Christopher Isherwood, Goodbye to Berlin (1930)

We live in stirring times -- tea-stirring times.
-- Christopher Isherwood, Mr. Norris Changes Trains (1935)

California is a tragic country - like Palestine, like every Promised Land. Its short history is a fever-chart of migrations -- the land-rush, the gold-rush, the oil-rush, the movie-rush -- followed, in each instance, by counter-migrations of the disappointed and unsuccessful.
-- Christopher Isherwood, "Los Angeles" (1947), collected in Exhumations (1966)

Like Shelley and like Baudelaire it may be said of him that he suffered, in his own person, the neurotic ills of an entire generation.
-- Christopher Isherwood, of T. E. Lawrence in "Lawrence of Arabia" (1947), collected in Exhumations (1966)

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